Hello, welcome to this website.

My name is Dr. Timothy Weeks.
I’m a 7th generation physician and healer. Years ago I was sick and lost Using a very specific system of healing and living I healed myself.The point of this website is to help others heal and document my own journey of living Whole Body Health. Let’s face, most people are sick or suffering. .
How many people do you know who are healthy, alive and full of joy and love? 15 years ago I came across a system of healing and living that’s been around for thousands of years. .
As soon as I employed it into my own life my ability to self heal exploded. I realized a level of healing and love that I didn’t know existed, now my life purpose is to daily live Whole Body Health and help as many other as I can to healing.

Here is what Whole Body Health is:

  • Whole Body Health is a self - administered system of healing and living.
  • Whole Body Health is complete realization that nature and her ecology has a direct impact on our well being and all the answers to our dysfunction.
  • Whole Body Health is tapping into the wisdom and harmony of the innate healing system of our body and the world.
  • Whole Body Health is a rebuke of the conventional modern food/medical/pharmaceutical system.
  • Whole Body Health is exclusive to no one, as soon as your ready you can start it.
  • Whole Body Health is the work of Universal Intelligence / God and the system of self healing humanity was blessed with. It is pure, simple, and beautiful.

Here is what Whole Body Health is not:

  • Whole Body Health is not an excuse.
  • Whole Body Health is not a system of compliance that follows the schedule of visits, drugs, medication, home care, nursing, etc.
  • Whole Body Health does not blame genetics, other people, or events outside ourselves for our own well being.
  • Whole Body Health not employ poison, surgery, endless medications.
  • Whole Body Health benefits no one except you and your loved ones.
  • Whole Body Health doesn’t believe that lack of health comes a deficiency of drugs.

Welcome to Living Whole Body Health

- by Dr. Tim Weeks